Nora and Edie


Nora and Edie Handmade Readers are lovingly needle felted bookshelf decor.

Customer Reviews

I love otters!
What a thrill it was for me to receive a lovely, whimsical, felt otter as a gift from my sister. What made this gift even more special was that it was a handmade, one of kind item.

This adorable little otter perches on my bookshelf and is herself holding a book. She is perfectly made to show all the features that made otters so endearing! Every time I look at it I am reminded of the talented hands that made it and of course the loving soul of the person who gave it to me!!!
I absolutely love the touch of whimsy my Nora and Edie handmade reader has brought to my fireplace mantel. Matilda, a book-loving koala, is perched there, reading of course, and wearing a beautiful blue dress.

She brings a smile to my face every time I see her. The care and detail that goes into every creation are evident and the carefully crafted story that comes with every character makes them a perfect gift.

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